Parallel Binary Sorter [USAGE]


This program is very simple to use. The program needs the following details on the command line

  • Key-File: File containing the keys
  • Key-Size: Size of the keys in bytes
  • Col-width: Choose 1 here
  • Total-Keys: The number of keys.

Each processor will generate files of the form ''. Concatenating all the files in the order of the 'pid' gives the final sorted file. See the example below. The example shows how to run the program with four processors and also lists the final sorted keys generated by each processor. If you have questions please send an email to the maintainer Vamsi Kundeti.

linuxAltix WorkSpace/par-bin-sort> mpirun -np 4 ./par_sort Tests/128_bit_keys_4096.txt 16 1 4096 
P=0 UTIME=145(ticks) STIME=2(ticks) , TOTAL=147 ,tick=1/1024 sec.
P=3 UTIME=290(ticks) STIME=3(ticks) , TOTAL=293 ,tick=1/1024 sec.
P=1 UTIME=18(ticks) STIME=3(ticks) , TOTAL=21 ,tick=1/1024 sec.
P=2 UTIME=4(ticks) STIME=3(ticks) , TOTAL=7 ,tick=1/1024 sec.
Processor 3 have got 1031 keys
Processor 1 have got 1023 keys
Processor 2 have got 1051 keys
Processor 0 have got 991 keys

linuxAltix WorkSpace/par-bin-sort> ls Tests/128_bit_keys_4096.txt.sorted.*.4
Tests/128_bit_keys_4096.txt.sorted.0.4  Tests/128_bit_keys_4096.txt.sorted.2.4
Tests/128_bit_keys_4096.txt.sorted.1.4  Tests/128_bit_keys_4096.txt.sorted.3.4